Who We Are We are a private Zambian Financial Service Company, which specializes in facilitating innovative finance solutions. We mobilise resources for the Public, Private and Communities, like small scale enterprises to create impact development. We believe in
harnessing global connectivity in unlocking potentials and making business happen in Africa and beyond.

Lloyds Financials Limited is a resource mobilisation and investment advisory services company.

Since 2004, Lloyds Financials has offered unparalleled expertise to a growing demand for financial solutions. As a financial engineer, we work to improve access to project and development finance for both public and private institutions.

Since inception, we have invested in our most valuable resource – experience.  We have come to understand that the local context and content is the value that helps us to de-risk the ecosystem and value chain of finance in our business initiatives. Working and understanding the needs of our varied stakeholders right down to the small-scale enterprise (SMEs) makes us experts in our sector.

Our practical advisory services enable us to facilitate a common meeting ground between the public and private sectors, communities, and small-scale enterprises to create impact development. .

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    Knowledge & Data Analytics

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    Solutions & Unlocking Values

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    Building Absorptive Capacities

We engineer dynamic and adaptable financial solutions. We also facilitate project implementation programmes at any scale for our clients. At Lloyds, we have developed an ability to modify our programmes to suit an ever-changing environment and condition of varying project risk profiles. We are passionate about creating value for business ecosystems which deliver sustainable impact.

Our Values

  • Commitment

  • Integrity

  • Honesty

  • Trust

  • Passion

  • Respect