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What We Do

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    Knowledge & Data Analytics

    • Research and Data
    • Local Knowledge
    • Best Practice
    • Culture, Trust and Relationship Management

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    • Expert On-Call
    • Institutional Skills
    • Integrated Skills
    • Business Mentors

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    Solutions & Unlocking Values

    • Risk Mitigation
    • Forensic Analysis
    • Customized Financial Solutions

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    Building Absorptive Capacities

    • 7 Step Stages of Investments

Our Services

We believe business ideas succeed when they are understood and supported by people most affected by them. Both big and small business ventures fail as a result of ignoring the political, social and cultural context in which they take place.   The clear understanding of the political economy has made us a practical advisory enabler; facilitating common meeting grounds between public and private sectors, communities and small scale enterprises to create impact development.

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SME Support Services

Investment Advisory

Climate Change Services

Infrastructure Investment

Project Management

Government Support Services

Lloyds Spatial Data Center

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