Board The highest decision-making body for matters for strategic, financial, risk, regulatory significance.

Prof. Lloyd John Chingambo

  • Founder and Executive Director of Lloyds Financials Limited whose work has covered 41 years of experience in academic, public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • A Financial Engineering and a Risk Management Specialist, Lloyd is well known for his skill and expertise in ‘corporate recoveries,’ restructuring distressed companies back to profitability, among which are a number of household names in Zambia.
  • Currently, he is serving as the World Bank Group Country Coordinator of the Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystems Services (WAVES) programme for Zambia which, international evaluators have judged to best performing among similar country programmes. In addition, he serves as an Advisor to the UNIDO/REEEP Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN).
  • Between 2001 to 2004, he was given the task by government streamline the functions of the Lusaka Stock Exchange (LuSE), as General and CEO. His work saw the LuSE rising to become one of the top three (3) best performing stock exchanges in Africa.
  • Lloyd holds a number of board advisory roles, including Chair of the National Economic Advisory Council (NEAC), a strategic and independent national “Think Tank” that advises the Republican President and Government on the economy.
  • In 2004, Cabinet appointed Lloyd, National Advisor to Government with the task of setting up a national financing framework for the implementation of the National Housing Policy in Zambia.
  • From 1980 to 1994, he worked in academia before joining the private sector at Caltex Oil Zambia Limited.

Mr Goodson Sinyenga – Zambia

  • With 27 years of hands-on experience, Goodson is an expert in data management. He has developed particular expertise in designing sample surveys and computer data analysis of socio-economic data. He is also particularly adept at report writing using the SAS system, SPSS and STATA software packages.
  • As Director of ZAMSTATS, Goodson designed and implemented a series of national surveys which included the Living Conditions Monitoring Surveys, the Labor Force Surveys, the National Assessment of Learning Achievement Surveys and the Vulnerability Assessment Surveys.
  • While he was still Director of ZAMSTATS, he also immensely contributed towards the development of the Zambia Macro-Economic Model (ZAMMOD), in his capacity as Chief Economist in-Charge of Modeling and Forecasting at the Ministry of Finance and National Planning (MNDP).
  • As a Survey Specialist, Goodson has worked with several institutions, such as, the UNDP/World Bank, where he undertook a Nature-based Tourism Demand Survey; GTZ and CARE Zambia, where he did a Situational Analysis of Vulnerable households in Zambia; the Zambia Vulnerability Assessment Committee, where he undertook the Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis Surveys; UNICEF, where he setup the National Food and Nutritional Surveillance System for Zambia, on behalf of the National Food and Nutrition Commission.
  • He also worked with the EU as project Evaluation Consultant, engaged to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme Support to the Agriculture Diversification and Food Security Project in Western and North-Western Provinces of Zambia.
  • Since 1966, he has enviably worked and later coordinated the Money-Metric Utility based poverty analysis in Zambia.

Mr Jovax Ngoma – Zambia

  • Spanning a period of over 15 years of illustrious career, in Local Government Authority, as Town Clerk and Chief Executive Officer of various District Councils and Municipalities in Zambia, Jovax has been involved in the development of numerous project implementation programmes.
  • While still serving, he has also acted as the Principal Advisor to District Councils and Municipalities in spearheading research required for making informed decisions and programmes’ implementation.
  • As Co-Chair of the District Development Coordinating Committee (DDCC), he has gained experience and knowledge of general development principles and clear understanding of the Zambian development challenges. This makes him an expert at harnessing synergies of government departments, private sector and NGOs, as well as, providing strategic direction to local government authorities.
  • An enthusiastic team player, Jovax is known for his pro-activeness when it comes to development issues. In this regard, he has collaborated with Cooperating Partners, such as, the EU, UNICEF, Irish Aid, Plan International, Africa Development Bank. He has provided valuable advice to various stakeholders on government systems and politics; as well as, helping on how to deal with government officials at local and national levels.
  • He is the current Honorary Secretary of the Institute of Local Government Administrators of Zambia (ILGAZ) and the CEO of the Institute, responsible for day-to-day administration and management of the organisation. As CEO, he provides leadership and strategic direction to senior management teams while retaining overall accountability to the Institute Council and Annual General Meeting.

Ms. Marianne Deelder – Netherlands

  • Country Representative for the Netherlands Red Cross Society (NLRC) in Zambia and the Southern Africa Region, with 17 years of humanitarian experience. She is an expert at building and managing the strategic partnership between the Zambia Red Cross and regional Red Cross Societies.
  • Prior to this current position, Marianne was the Regional Programme Manager for the Southern Africa Region, responsible for Red Cross activity sites in the region, supported by the NLRC and in-charge of implementing the bilaterally funded programmes with partner National Societies. She also provided monitoring support to emergency operations in the region.
  • No stranger to the region, she also acted as Operations Manager for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC); under the 2009 Floods operation Southern Africa, covering Namibia, Angola and Zambia. Under the auspices of DFID, she was the Programme Manager for IFRC for the Disaster Risk Reduction Programme Southern Africa, covering four countries, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique and Lesotho.
  • As Programme Manager for the IFRC under the HIV/Aids (OVC) Programme, funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy, she provided hands-on support and advice to the seven National Societies in the planning, implementation, management and monitoring of the overall project. The Countries she covered were Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Malawi, Angola and Swaziland.
  • In the early years of her humanitarian work, Marianne covered Iran, where she supported the Earthquake Relief Operation in Bam with the Dutch Search and Rescue Team. In India, she was the Logistics delegate with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies during the India Earthquake Operations in Bhuj, Gujarat.
  • Away from humanitarian work, Marianne started her career as a Logistician at Versatel Telecom International N.V., a local access broadband network operator based in Amsterdam. As a Consultant, at Fugro Ecoplan B.V., in Holland, she managed database management & spatial data in a GIS environment.

Mr Adam Pope – British/ Zambian Resident

  • 42 years of professional experience spanning a notably wide range of operational and thematic areas with a strong natural resource, tourism, environmental and civil engineering bias.
  • Currently working as Natural Resources Director for Whydah Consulting Limited. Adam has also operated widely in an institutional facilitation role in tourism, roads, environment, climate change, engineering, small-scale mining, and the water sector. Over the years, he has worked with government, cooperating partners, the private sector and rural communities in project identification and development.
  • Renowned for his work in the development of strategic plans and sector programmes, Adam has facilitated and developed short- and long-term plans for the following institutions; the South Luangwa Conservation Society, now called Conservation South Luangwa, the Kasanka Trust, Conservation Lower Zambezi, and the Mainstreaming Programme of the Mtwara Corridor, among others.
  • He has also facilitated and developed strategic and business plans for the Zambia Wildlife Authority, the Zambia National Sugar Strategy, the climate resilient strategies for the Zambian road transport sector, ACTESA and the business plan for a proposed Zambia Forestry Commission.
  • An avid conservationist, he has contributed to several capacity building programmes, including the conservation of Lower Zambezi, the planting of indigenous tree nurseries and the strengthening of Kasanka Trust. He has also provided community capacity building for Luano Valley conservation group.
  • He has substantial experience in environmental assessments and has made significant contributions to the development of strategic environmental assessment processes in Zambia; and the completion of environmental assessments and audits in the tourism, agriculture, forestry, water, hydropower, geothermal, road and rail sectors.